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Any out of the ordinary event held by CPFNC



Vote Count - Pleasant Sunday

08-09-2019 1:00 pm -5:00 pm

It's the vote count to round 12. Have a drink and kick back - games and music.

Raffle tickets are due back so get them in. No excuses.


AFL Grand Final Day 2019

28-09-2019 9:30 am -7:00 pm
Breakfast/Drinks inc ($75), Breakfast/Drinks ex ($55) and Table prices ($350 - 7 people/Drinks ex), $15 Family Day tickets (Children 12 under free)

CPFNC AFLgrandfinalSignage2018


Get on board for a great mornings entertainment and hang around to watch the Grand Final at no extra cost. OR

Simply come to the Family Day. No extra cost is incurred to watch the AFL GRand Final on the big screen if you have attended the morning Brunch.

If you are just turning up for the Grand Final Family Day and intend to watch the big event on the Big Screen, a $15 charge for adults will apply so get your tickets early.

AFL Grand Final Brunch

  • Full catered breakfast of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, hash browns, tomato, toast
  • Tea/coffee, softdrinks supplied
  • Alcohol supplied if purchasing a drinking ticket (beer,wine,chapagne) or else purchase as you go at bar prices
  • Three top line speakers;
  • Michelle Timms - former Australian Opal, first Australian woman to play WNBA, inducted into FIBA Hall of Fame
  • Terry Wallace - former Hawthorn Premiership player, Footscray player, Bulldogs and Richmond Coach, SEN commentator and list management specialist
  • Trevor Marmalade - comedian and formaer panellist on The Footy Show
  • Silent auctions and raffles
  • Entertainment

THEN - stay behind for the big game on the big screen for no extra cost OR if you have not attended the Brunch, simply come for the AFL Grand Final Family Day for a $15 adult entry fee and children under 12 free.

AFL Grand Final Family Day includes;

  • The main game on the big screen. Beanbags will be avilable but bring a rug or a suitable chair such as a beanbag. Note, chairs with legs that will dig into the playing surface will not be allowed.
  • Competitions such as handball, super kicks and sprints.
  • Music and band
  • Stalls
  • Food and drink tents
  • Kids activities such as face painting, jumping castle/slide



Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price Available place
Brunch Drinking Ticket

Includes beer, wine/champagne, soft drink. 8 drink maximum

$75.00 80
Brunch Non drinking Ticket

Includes soft drink, tea/coffee. Drinks can still be purchased at bar prices

$55.00 80
Brunch Table Ticket Non drinking (7 on table))

Allows 7 attendance tickets (ex of drinks), with a discount of $5 per ticket

$350.00 5
Family Day Adult Ticket

Allows entry to AFL Grand Final Family Day

$15.00 500
Brunch table ticket Drinking (7 on table)

Allows 7 attendance tickets (inc of beer, wine/champagne, soft drinks), with a discount of $6 per ticket

$483.00 5
Children's ticket (8 to 12 years old).

Allows for breakfast. Soft drinks can be purchased at bar.

$20.00 15

Presentation Night

11-10-2019 6:30 pm -11:00 pm

Presentation Night

Get the good gear on. It's the night to frock and suit up and mull over what could have been and what will be in 2020