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Special Events

Any out of the ordinary event held by CPFNC



Goods & Services Auction/Trivia Night 2021

05-06-2021 7:00 pm -11:55 pm

This one of our major fundraisers for the year. Goods and Services donated by the businesses and people from the community. What a great chance to grab a bargain you need or could use and put some $$$ back to the club.

There is anything from 2m2 of soil to rounds of golf at the National Golf Club. Free sparky work at your property or a new air conditioning unit.

There is something for everyone  plus Trivia competitions in between. Get in early for this one.

Goods and Services Auction2



Black and White Ball 2021

26-06-2021 7:00 pm -11:55 pm
$60 over 18 years old and $40 under 18

The Gala Social Event of the Calendar. This year is something different with entertainers and a great band at the resplendant rooms. 

Get your best gear on and rock on down to what will be a fabulous night.

Black and White Ball


Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price
Over 18's ticket

Black & White Ball

Under 18's ticket

Black & White Ball


Mystery Night

17-07-2021 7:00 pm -11:55 pm

The Night is a mystery. All will be revealed, so if you like to be surprised get on board.

All we can guarantee is that there will be heaps of entertainment and laughs, you will be surprised and there will be a twist.

Mystery image





Player Revue Night 2021

07-08-2021 7:00 pm -11:55 pm

testIt's back, bigger and better.


If you think Archie Shepherd was great. If you think Barkers could not drink more Tequilla. Think again.

One of the funniest nights of the year. 

THE AGE .... Richard Wilkes Entertainment Section

Players have spent weeks and months in preparation so friends and family, make sure you get on down to be entertained. From dance to comedy and everything else in between the performing arts, this promises to be one of the great nights in CPFNC recent history.

Player Revue

Review 2019 Rehearsal (Fieldy and Jules)



AFL Grand Final Day 2021

25-09-2021 9:00 am -12:30 pm
Breakfast/Drinks inc ($75), Breakfast/Drinks ex ($55) and Table prices ($350 - 7 people/Drinks ex)


 Get on board for a great mornings entertainment and hang around to watch the Grand Final at no extra cost in the rooms.

No extra cost is incurred to watch the AFL Grand Final  if you have attended the morning Brekky.

AFL Grand Final Brekky

  • Full catered breakfast of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, hash browns, tomato, toast
  • Tea/coffee, softdrinks supplied
  • Alcohol supplied if purchasing a drinking ticket (beer,wine,chapagne) or else purchase as you go at bar prices
  • Three top line speakers;
  • Silent auctions and raffles
  • Entertainment

THEN - stay behind for the big game on the screens with a BBQ


Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price
Brekky Drinking Ticket

Includes beer, wine/champagne, soft drink. 8 drink maximum

Brekky Non drinking Ticket

Includes soft drink, tea/coffee. Drinks can still be purchased at bar prices

Brekky Table Ticket Non drinking (7 on table))

Allows 7 attendance tickets (ex of drinks), with a discount of $5 per ticket

Brekky table ticket Drinking (7 on table)

Allows 7 attendance tickets (inc of beer, wine/champagne, soft drinks), with a discount of $5 per ticket

Children's ticket (8 to 12 years old).

Allows for breakfast. Soft drinks can be purchased at bar.