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Club Initiatives

Criblotto 2021

AUD20/7 days

$10 if shared

CribLotto Logo 2019 03

It's on again - a brand new year of Criblotto.

There have been winners and there have been Mega winners in 2020 - Tim Beech x 3, Tony Fly x 4.

Now is your chance to jump and support your community team whilst gaining great odds to win $500 once a week for the year.

How does it work?

You sign up to be part of Criblotto along with 44 other people. Each week over the course of the following 52 weeks of the year (or remaining weeks to November 2021 if you sign on late), if your number is first out in the Saturday night Tattslotto draw, you win $500. That is a one in 45 chance to win $500 x 52 times.

OK. Good sell but what does it cost me and how is it charged?

The cost is $20 per week. Small change (4 coffees) on a weekly basis for such great odds.

Or you could partner with someone for a $10 weekly outlay. Simple, find a partner and halve the cost.

On committing to the subscription, your nominated account will be debited $20 on a weekly basis from the anticipated commencement date. There are two payment options listed - Paypal or our Stripe account which supports either Visa or Mastercard debit or credit cards.

How do I receive any winnings?

On sign up, we request your EFT details and your winnings will be transferred to your account along with an email notification on the Monday after each Saturday's draw.

Can I pick my number?

If you were part of t in 2020, if have one week to nominate and retain your  2020 number up to Oct 18th, otherwise it's up for grabs. You can nominate 3 number preferences below but it is a first come first in basis.  We will do our best, but let's face it - the odds are the same on any of the 45 balls being first drawn out. 

When does it start?

Once you sign up below, there is a trial period listed to our start debit date which is the week beginning 3rd of November as payment for the first 20-2021 Criblotto draw on Saturday 7th.

It lists on payment as a free period. It is merely a way for us to start everyone at the anticipated start date.

If we have to move that date back you will be notified and the trial period will be adjusted in your subscription to any new start date. 

What if I want to pull out or accidently default?

Well, of course we are hoping that does not need to eventuate as the purpose is to provide a fundraiser for the club that also runs in off season. However, we all know unavoidable things happen. If you do need to pull out, we ask that you try and find a replacement and of course notify us with enough warning that we may find someone for the upcoming draw. 

If your account has insufficient funds then we will notify you of the issue. A second retry happens  within a few days automatically. As long as you can arrange a separate EFT into the club account, you remain in the game. Obviously we are hoping that people remain aware of this commitment and keep their account balance above $20.

What if I have to change my card details?

This did happen in 2020 in quite a few occasions either due to loss or cards expiring and having to be updated. It was one area we did not really account for so hopefully we are better prepared this year. On sign up you will be asked to crerate a username and password. Please record this somewhere as this will be required to change your card details if required at a later date.

What does this give the club?

Most people know that as a club, we have to be innovative in creating viable income streams to compete with larger clubs and those positioned with plentiful support business. This is an initiative that creates income for the club all year, provides a sense of fun and ammortises outlay for everyone over a year. It has been a huge success for the club in 2020 so we are hoping to emulate and grow this success.

Good luck, Go Crib and thanks for your support.