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Player Sponsor Info

All information and accompanying support material to enable a player to get a Partner/Sponsor will be posted to this link within the next week.

In the meantime, if you are confident enough or already have a Player Sponsor you'd like to approach the costs to your player sponsor are;



U19's FOOTBALL - $400

U17's NETBALL -$365

What is in it for you to find a player sponsor?

  • You pay zero fees for membership. You still have to go through the registration process, Just tag your sponsor in the required field and the date they paid and bingo - your fees are now zero.
  • You get a free club bag
  • Your portrait along with the player sponsor name/logo up in the rooms
  • You help the club to grow
  • You get a free drink at every home game if paid by April 1st

What is in it for the player sponsor?

  • Full membership and entry to home games
  • Ability for tax deduction if business or tax deduction through Australian Sports Foundation if an individual.
  • Recognition on social media, electronic scoreboard and in house TV
  • Acknowledgement on club web site and newsletter
  • Members only cash draw on Thursday nights and home games
  • Happy hour discounts
  • 5% discount on merchandise

How does my sponsor pay?