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U17 Netball 2022 Season


We are asking all players to be financial by March 28th.

Join by March 28th 2021 to receive one free drink at any home game from coffee cart, canteen or bar (restrictions obviously apply to any U17 for bar drinks but any non alcoholic drink applies).

If you cannot pay the full amount by March 28th, YOU MUST have entered into a 4 week payment plan by this date in order to be eligible for selection in any CPFNC team. To enter into a 4 part payment plan go to Player Payment Plans 2022

Player Sponsors

We are also asking all players to make an attempt to get a player sponsor.

To make it easy,  you can get your player sponsor form from Player Partner/Sponsor info and support material. Simply hand your potential sponsor the form which lists the benefits to them.

When you have acquired a Player Partner paying the $365 inc Partnership fee, then you are excluded from having to pay any fees but must still fill in the appropriate details within this registration. Indicate the name of your Player Partner which will then register the reduced value of $0 for membership.

What's in it for you to get a sponsor?

  • Zero fees
  • Inhouse TV image in rooms with recognition of partner/sponsor
  • Help the club grow
  • Free drink at each home game if completed by April 1st


  • Entry to all home games
  • Members only cash draw at home games and Thursday night dinners
  • Happy hour discounts
  • Membership card and bumper sticker
  • Discounts on selected in house club events
  • Monthly emailed newsletter
  • Voting rights at AGM
Price: $165.00